Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Northern location and navigation services application is provided by TreesWithLeaves, LLC (“we”, “us”, “our”).

Mapping and Location Information

Northern analyzes your precise GPS location over time to calculate the direction you are heading in as well as the direction toward any chosen destination. This information is required by our application and is gathered using your device’s available onboard hardware. We do not store this information outside of your device or otherwise share your location with other third parties, however, our third-party mapping provider Google, through our integration of Google Maps API and Google Places API, may collect such information.

By using Northern, users are bound to the following Google Terms of Service. Please read them carefully before continuing to use our application.

Google Terms of Service located at -

Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service located at -

In addition to the above terms of service from Google, this privacy policy also incorporates by reference the Google Privacy Policy located at -

Analytics, “cookies” and Personal Identifiable Information

We use Google Analytics for Firebase which uses “cookies.” Google Analytics for Firebase is an app measurement solution that provides insight into app usage and user engagement. We use this information to better understand our user’s experience within our app. We do not collect personal identifiable information or track our users for advertising purposes using this service. Our only purpose is to evaluate and improve our product.

Google Analytics for Firebase is a Google product with its own policies. Please read them carefully before using our app. Information on how google uses information from sites or apps that use their services can be located at -

While we do not directly collect personal identifiable information from our users, it is possible that third party sites from which you download the Application or other applications on your device or computer may use cookies, tracking data, or otherwise collect personally identifiable information. You should, therefore, consult all relevant third-party privacy policies before using this Application. Users who wish to remove any cookies stored by our application or otherwise opt out of our anonymous user experience tracking should uninstall Northern from their devices.