Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – Hot Chicken

The Hot Chicken Alexa Skill application is provided by TreesWithLeaves, LLC (“we”, “us”, “our”).

Amazon Web Services

When using Hot Chicken, users may provide information that is handled by, then transferred to, our third-party database and web services provider, Amazon Web Services.

Removing Account and User Supplied Data

If you would like to remove your account, including the names or nick names of people who you have identified as the lovelies, coolest, and hottest, please follow these instructions.

Complete the following voice interaction with your Alexa Device.

  • You Say: "Alexa, ask Hot Chicken to delete all my skill data."

  • Alexa Says: "Would you like to remove all your names and data from Hot Chicken."

  • You Say: "Yes."

  • Alexa Says: "Data has been removed from Hot Chicken."

  • Finally, you say, "Alexa, disable Hot Chicken."